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NYE 2016 has been booked!

After lots of discussion and deliberations, NYE 2016 has been decided: China (and outlying regions)! Headed to Hong Kong for 5 days, then Bejing for a...


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NYE 2003 - Southeast Asia

Posted by on 12/20/2003 in Trips

 My most memorable trip to date, I started in Hong Kong for Christmas then flew (with a free upgrade to first class!) to Bangkok, Thailand. I met up with Corwin the couple days later then we headed south to Koh Tao for diving lessons. We headed across the other side of the country to Krabi for some rock climbing and relaxation, then further south to Kuala Lumpor and jungle trekking in the Cameroon highlands. We parted in Singapore, with Kobb heading home and me headed for a final week in Bali, Indonesia. Surfing lessons and relaxation!


Posted by on 12/25/2016 in Destinations

 Beijing - the starting point for a most excellent adventure!


Posted by on 12/23/2016 in Destinations

 Macau SAR

Hong Kong

Posted by on 12/18/2016 in Destinations

 5 days in Hong Kong to take in the sights and culture.


Posted by on 12/28/2011 in Destinations

 Istanbul - the bridge between Europe and Asia. Very true, both geographically as well as culturally. In addition to the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, we also took a short ferry ride over to the Asian side.

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