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From 1/2/2014 to 1/9/2014

We arrived in Iquitos (the largest city no accessable by road!) on the 2nd and spent the night wandering around the Plaza de Armas. The next morning the boat took us about 4 hours down the Amazon to the Amazonia Expeditions main lodge. That night we went on a night hike and saw lots of spiders and insects. The next day saw us in a local village with a craftsman who showed us how to make blowguns - and we were even able to keep them when he was done! The rest of the trip was a blur of hiking, boating, seeing tons of birds, insects, frogs, and even the elusive Pink Dolphins of the Amazon.

We then headed another hour or so further down the Amazon to the research center lodge, where we went fishing for piranhas (and were able to eat what we caught!) and saw a caiman (like an aligator, but a tad smaller) and fleur-de lance pit viper (the deadliest snake in South America!) The last day we headed back to the main lodge where we went ziplining through the canopy before heading back to the Iquitos airport for our flight to Lima.

I must say, I fully recommend Amazonia Expeditions to anyone interested in visiting the Peruvian Amazon. Our guide, Christian, was tremendously knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond to make sure we were having a great time.

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