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Pictures and Videos from Peru

Posted by on 2/16/2014 at 1:58 PM under Pictures, Travel, Website Updates

Just added all the pictures and a couple videos from my trip to Peru.

You can see the galleries on my Peru trip page, but here are a few of the images I like the best...

Sunset over the Pacific - Miraflores, Lima, Peru:

Sunset over the Pacific - Miraflores, Lima, Peru



Plaza de Armas, Cuzco:

Plaza de Armas, Cuzco



Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu!



Finally, Cruisin' down the Amazon with my new friends:

Cruisin' down the Amazon with my new friends!




I also added two new videos:

Cuy, better known as Guinea Pig here in the states, is a traditional Peruvian dish that is usually served on big holidays. My brother and I decided to give it a go on New Year's Eve when we were in Cuzco. We ordered two - one fried and the other broiled. They tasted a bit gamey (especially the broiled) but I must say I would definitely try it again!  If you're squemish about eating food that looks like animals, you might want to skip this video. Consider yourself warned!



The next video is from a small village we visited, where one of the craftsmen showed us how to make blowguns. He started by hollowing out a specific type of tree (similar to bamboo, but stronger) using a red-hot metal rod. Then he used a knive to whittle the darts. A puff of cotton glued to the end of the dart gave it some weight, and that's basically it. The bulb on the end is a gord that (traditionally) held the poison (sorry - didn't get any this trip!) We were even able to take them home with us!



I still have a few more videos to go through, so stay tuned for more uploads!


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